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MKL Pressure Cleaning

Restore the look of your property with concrete pressure cleaning. Enhance the exterior of your home by removing accumulated dirt and other elements. MKL Pressure Cleaning will bring your pathways, walls, and driveways back to their original state.

Our services are widely preferred by homes, businesses and industries on Brisbane’s Southside. See for yourself how we can transform your property from boring to breathtaking.

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    MKL Pressure Cleaning

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Pressure Cleaners - Parkinson - Brisbane

Maintain the cleanliness of your premises with MKL Pressure Cleaning. We can refurbish your wall and floor surfaces to make it look like the concrete has just been laid!

Promote safety within your pool area or garden by removing mould and algae from the pavements. Avoid the hazards of slimy and slippery pathways through our efficient pressure washing methods.

Increase the aesthetic value of your home by getting rid of the grease and grime from your garage and driveway. Put an end to all that scrubbing and let us do the cleaning for you.

Enhance your company image by having a well-maintained building façade. MKL Pressure Cleaning will ensure that your facilities will look professional and presentable.

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Driveway Cleaning - From Beenleigh to Kenmore

For almost two decades now, MKL have continued to provide a high standard of concrete pressure cleaning in Parkinson and nearby suburbs such as Calamvale, Sunnybank Hills, Algester and Stretton. We are a family owned business offering safe and effective pressure cleaning services to residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Our comprehensive cleaning solutions help secure the value of residential investments and increase the profitability of commercial establishments.

MKL Pressure Cleaning uses a professional Hydromat system and high pressure jet washing which are ideal for driveways, patios, car parks, workshop floors, and other concrete surfaces. We cater our services to homes, shops, schools, and sporting facilities. Industries involved in engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and construction also rely on us to maintain the cleanliness of their workplace.

We specialise in cleaning the following surfaces:

  • Driveways
  • Paths
  • Patios & Decks
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Tennis Courts
  • Shop Fronts
  • Car Parks
  • Wall Surfaces
  • Fences
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Dirt & Mould Removal - From Springfield to Sunnybank Hills

MKL Pressure Cleaning goes beyond one-off cleaning services, as we continually tailor our methods according to your needs. We eliminate the use of harsh chemicals and prefer chlorine based cleaners instead. Our services are kept to a minimal cost and we give discounts for larger jobs, making it more affordable for you.

MKL Pressure Cleaning provides effective cleaning solutions for concrete surfaces. We provide flexibility and convenience to all our customers, as we work with minimal interruptions.

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Revitalise your exteriors with MKL Pressure Cleaning. Prevent surface degradation by removing signs of concrete age and decay. For quotes and inquiries, please fill out the Contact Us form or phone 0411 744 454 or visit our web page.

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